GRNASFCK is a nomadic landscape architecture studio investigating urbanism and ecology in the context deep geologic time. The studio is the collaborative project of Ian Quate and Colleen Tuite, based in New York City.

GRNASFCK on "green-ness" :

"Green is a slippery word – it conjures a narrative of ecological morality as an anecdote to the industrial era - a narrative we find false. There is no post-industrial; corporate waste will provide landscape architects with materials to work with for the rest of time. - from Between Sampling and Dowsing: Field Notes from GRNASFCK

Colleen Tuite is a designer, writer, and co-director of GRNASFCK and 1.5 Rooms project space; her work explores the psychic confluence of architecture, technology, and ecology. Her writing and work has appeared in numerous design journals and publications inlcuding MONU, Manifest and Lobby. Colleen holds a Masters of Landscape Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago.
Ian Quate has a vested interest in gathering and manipulating information in the environment; from genetics to construction documents to geology. He has studied with academic institutions in North Carolina, New York City, Rhode Island, Ecuador and England.  Ian is a designer at Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects and co-directs GRNASFCK.

Photo credit: Zach Krall


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