10.02 - GRNASFCK conducts archeological tours at the Chicago Architecture Biennial (Oct. 2) and at Princeton University (Oct. 3) for the launch of MANIFEST issue 2.

09.19 - GRNASFCK is participating in Archinect's NEXT UP: Podcasting the Future of Architecture at Jai & Jai Gallery, Los Angeles, 7-9pm

07.15 - Archinect's Dry Futures competition launches w/ GRNASFCK on the jury.

07.15 - GRNASFCK tours the Bakken Formation

06.15 - Lunch 10: Alien, featuring documentation of GRNASFCK's exhibition "I Love Extremophiles" is now out.

06.15 - Braid_theory is now suspended at MoMA PS1, hypnotizing thousands of stoned ravers all summer.

05.15 An interview with GRNASFCK is featured on Archinect.

04.15 GRNASFCK has been invited to collaborate with Andres Jaque Architects to design planting for this summer's YAP installation, COSMO, at PS1 in NYC.

04.15 MANFEST #2 "Kingdoms of God", featuring GRNASFCK's survey of south Florida, is now available for pre-order.


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